Three of the Greatest Hospitality Heroes

Eric Sieb has greatly admired, studied, and actively followed three very successful hospitality entrepreneurs throughout his career: Fred Harvey, George Biel, and Sam Beall.

Fred Harvey pioneered and launched the hospitality industry in the United States and Southwest in the 1800’s with his restaurants, hotels, and souvenir shops. His book “Appetite For America” is a must read for any one considering a career in hospitality.

George Biel, of Hillstone Restaurant Group, has set the standard for 38 years for restaurant concept excellence. Few people have achieved his level of hospitality success.

Sam Beall, of Blackberry Farm, has led the new Southern cuisine, farm to table, and boutique destination resort movement over the past 30 years. If you truly want to get excited about hospitality, spend a weekend at Blackberry Farm!

“All three of these men are great leaders, extremely modest, and quality human beings,” explained Eric Sieb.

Who do you think has served as an industry pioneer?

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