Driving Brand, Profitability, and Growth for Arizona Hotels and Restaurants

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SIEB Provides Integrated Distribution, Procurement, and Brand/Marketing Solutions through new Chain Solutions Network

The Sieb Organization, a global, integrated marketing/ communications firm specializing in the hospitality and real estate development industries, today announced the launch of its lodging and emerging chain initiative, Chain Solutions Network, under the direction of Eric Sieb, principal.

As the only provider of full-spectrum solutions, Chain Solutions Network will help emerging hotel and restaurant chains understand that distribution, procurement and brand marketing should not be approached individually. Rather, when these three silos are taken down and integrated through Sieb’s guidance, emerging chains can expect to:

1. Decrease inventory costs
2. Improve food quality
3. Reach new audiences
4. Increase revenue through streamlined marketing and branding

With Sysco Corporation as its exclusive, national distribution partner, and coupled with its fully integrated base of procurement and brand/marketing services, Sieb sees significant growth opportunities for Arizona hotels and restaurants in the coming year.

“It’s a very exciting yet challenging time for the U.S. hospitality and foodservice industry,” states Eric Sieb, principal of the Sieb Organization. “On one hand today’s consumer continues to be more knowledgeable and discerning with their food and beverage purchases and meals away from home experiences. On the other hand, hospitality and foodservice businesses are working harder than ever to meet these consumer needs at a profit. Our hospitality initiatives align with today’s consumer mindset while providing business solutions to the owner/operator.”

For more information on the new CSN initiative please contact Eric Sieb by phone at 480-317-0272 Ext 101 or by email at Eric Sieb.

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